Question by  elsewhen (627)

Do you think alternative energy (solar, wind, geothermal) can really make a dent in our overall energy needs?

or are fossil fuels here to stay?


Answer by  calcutta (168)

I think they will, but only after the many years/decades it will take to build out the infrastructure. If we don't roll out nuclear power, then the next 10-20 years are mostly going to be based on coal, which is unfortunate, because nuclear is cleaner than coal.

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Definitely not coal, with the ban that the Obama Administration has placed on coal 2012.  add a comment

Answer by  somerset (801)

Absolutely. It just makes sense to use sun's energy in parts of the world that have lots of sun exposure. The same goes for wind. Yes, the initial investment might be high, but eventually it will pay for itself.


Answer by  JYas (68)

If alternative methods of energy are implemented and available to consumers at a reasonable cost, then I think they could make a significant dent in our energy needs. The important thing about alternative energy sources is to use them where they are most suitable and cost effective.


Answer by  Marc (35)

Absolutely it can. It is just a matter of the capital expenditure that is required to get serious energy from these sources. The hardware to obtain this free energy will not be cheap. Right now even if we were to be able to get all this renewable energy that would not lessen our dependence on petrochemials for manufacturing purposes.


Answer by  YellowCar (87)

Alternative energy sources can and already have begun to make an impact in our overall energy needs. Evidence of this is this question alone. Eventually fossil fuels will be gone, either because their resources have been depleted or they just aren't necessary any more.

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