Question by  sarah39 (91)

Do you have to have bellows in a fireplace?

We have our first home with a fireplace.


Answer by  horthans (57)

A bellows is not a requirement for a fireplace. A hearth bellows provides both utility and charm to your decor. A bellows primary use is to aid in keeping a fire alight without having to put one's face down near the fire to blow on it. A nice looking bellows also gives an attractive antique look to your fireplace.


Answer by  SarikOstheim (211)

It is not a required ; however, it can save a great deal of time in creating a fire, especially if you have embers left over from the night before.


Answer by  Valentine62 (2131)

There is no need for bellows unless you want the fire you started to take off faster. The bellows aid in getting a fire going.


Answer by  softie (12)

Bellows are helpful for a fireplace, but are not a requirement. Bellows force air and increase oxygen to a fire. This is also achieved by blowing carefully into the fire.

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