Question by  elsewhen (627)

Do you have a last will and testament?

if not, why not?


Answer by  SriLanka (264)

I don't, but my accountant reminds me virtually every time i meet him. Without a will, anything you have will probably not go to the people that you would want it to go to. One of these days I am going to get over my laziness - it's important.


Answer by  Diddum (348)

No, I have not written a last will. I own my house together with my wife and almost nothing more. We have two sons. In case I die before them I'm happy with the default subdivision prescribed by the law, so I do not need to waste my time with lawyers (which in general I do not like).


Answer by  caringguy (40)

I do not have a last will and testament. I am only twenty-seven years old; it seems a little early to be worrying about what will happen if I die. And the thing is that I don't have that many possessions anyway.

posted by Anonymous
Well, the theory that age should be the deciding factor in whether or not a Will should be done should be reconsidered! families have been broken to pieces over jewelry, ipods, music collections, automobiles, and many other things that a young person owns too! Don\'t devalue yourself! sentimental value  add a comment

Answer by  momak42yahoocom (17)

I do have a last will and testament because I want to make sure that what I now own is distributed to the people that I want to have it. I have certain things that I want to go to certain people. I also have to have arrangements for my children so that they will be taken care of.

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