Question by  mark84 (22)

Do toads damage your lawn?


Answer by  John (9008)

Toads do no harm to a lawn whatsoever. In fact, they are beneficial. Toads eat insects. By having toads hunt down and consume the insects that are much more likely to damage your grass by eating it, toads perform a valuable service. The fill the same ecological niche as frogs, and both are good for plants.


Answer by  sgraves66 (18)

After 45 years of toad-free living, my lawn has fallen pray to a swarm of giant marine toads. Apparently, this infestation is a direct result of neighborhood children spreading a weeks worth of dog food over my front lawn. On the upside, the dog food has been completely consumed without human intervention; unfortunately, the lawn has suffered irreparable damage.


Answer by  kittykitty (39)

No, toads are very good for a lawn. They eat bugs and other things that would distroy your lawn. Also, ladybugs are good for lawn and trees as they eat aphids that distroy trees and grass. However, if you have a plauge of toads and they start dieing in your lawn, that would be bad.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Generally toads and frogs are great for pest control. They like moist areas, like well watered yards, because the bugs like those areas too. In some cases though they may nest and can overpopulate quickly. The simplest way to prevent toads is to put netting around your yard. Otherwise, snake repellent works well.

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