Question by  Adam44 (2)

Do Maxforce Roach Stations work?

I need to get rid of these cockroaches.


Answer by  Valentine62 (2131)

Not well enough! Lay down some baking soda where you see roaches congregate. The baking soda will cause the roaches to explode from the gas build up in their bodies.


Answer by  swampy02 (145)

They have an odorless bait that attracts roaches. The roaches eat the bait and carry it (and the poison) back to other roaches. The poison kills by ingestion and by contact, so it has a domino effect and kills at a quick, effecient rate.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

That depends on how long the nest has been there. For a new infestation, they work great, but for an older one, you will need professional help.


Answer by  fersuregay (99)

Yes, each station lets off a scent that is absolutely irresistible to the cockroaches and sticks them to the station, it is a quick and easy way to rid any living situation of cockroaches.

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