Question by  CharlieDay (14)

Do classmate searches really work?

It seems like they are just a scam to get your email and other info. But I would love to find some people I haven't spoken to or seen in years.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

Classmates is not a scam but they do require a fee to access their service. Facebook and MySpace are free and can do the same thing.


Answer by  TNGal (14)

I've found that you can find classmates, but to contact them, you have to pay a fee. Finding classmates on Facebook is easier.


Answer by  Csk5 (265)

Those classmate searches do work if the other person is signed up for the website. Other social media websites work too and are free.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

I have used them and other social networks. To be honest, I have had a much better experience with Facebook then Classmates. I found that the information is highly limited, and there is no to contact the person first to verify it is the right one, where as Facebook does.

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