Question by  carrie39 (22)

Do cats really like cat enclosures?


Answer by  LaurieF (211)

Most cats enjoy tucking themselves into small spaces like boxes, cat condos, paper bags, etc., but only if they have an opening to get out whenever they please.


Answer by  Sett (1838)

Most cats don't like enclosures, but if you start the cat off at an early age then the cat will get used to the enclosure and find it to be a relaxing place. If the cat is older the best thing to do is to give the cat a nice bed, toys, clean litter box and scratching post inside.


Answer by  smellycat22 (1129)

It really depends on the cat and normally take them a little while to get use to this new space. The bigger the enclosure is often better because you can put comfort items such as a bed or a box for them to hide in if they feel scared.


Answer by  Carl0993 (107)

Cats generally like cat enclosures, though it is best to remember that cats have personalities too. Check with your local petshop if they will allow you to bring your cat to see if he/she does like cat enclosures.


Answer by  Scott2436 (104)

Usually. I keep my cats in one and they both seem to really like it. However, don't keep them in there for too long, cats tend to get restless.


Answer by  mrbojiggler (181)

As a veterinary technician, I have realized that cats do like enclosures. However they do not like being placed in enclosures i.e. pet carriers. However, if they choose to be in an enclosure, they can spend hours in that spot. Cats do not like feeling restrained or forcibly confined.


Answer by  lasagnalover (126)

Cats are such individuals!There are cats that would love an outdoor cat enclosure to smell and hear nature.There are other cats that wouldn't like to be exposed to these elements.


Answer by  krystalevenstar (18)

Cats, like most living things, are unique creatures. One cat might absolutely love a cat enclosure while another may not pay any attention to it. In my experience however, most cats tend to like small enclosed spaces like boxes or cat trees.

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