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Question by  Megan99 (183)

Can you troubleshoot my xbox360 that the sound is working but I have no video?

I have no video but can hear on my xbox360.


Answer by  thewhitehornet (18)

First thing to check is on the plug that goes into the xbox. It has a switch on the side of it if you're using a sdtv make sure it is not switched to hdtv. Also make sure the colors correspond with the plugs you are using. If both are set correctly buy a new cable.


Answer by  Jeenyus (64)

Make sure the cables are seated properly. Try unplugging the a/v cable from both your tv and the xbox then reconnect them properly. If there is no change try using another tv. If you have the same problem then the a/v cord is bad and you need a replacement.


Answer by  Anonymous

If you have another cable or another t.v. and everything is fine, but it still only shows sound, try unplugging the power from the xbox, let it sit for a minute or two, and re-power it, usually that is what Microsoft recommends for some minor mess ups


Answer by  AlexChen (11)

If the Xbox 360 is connected to a speaker system and you cannot see video, make sure your TV is tuned into the correct input. If you are using standard component cables (red,white,yellow), make sure the video cable (yellow) is connected to the yellow port behind the television.


Answer by  GeorgeT (94)

It seems that the console is working, however, it is unable to send out the video signal. The first thing to check would be the video cable. Try using another cable to check if this is the problem.

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