Question by  megs (16)

Can you tell me why my Kenmore dryer heater won't come on ?


Answer by  foxyd78 (92)

You may have a problem with the motor and heater relays. Could also be something on the cicuit board itself such as a blown transistor, ora breaker. Many things to investigate before actually determining what the cause is. Could be as simple as your gas line is not turned on.


Answer by  Steve44 (16)

Sometimes the electrical connectors in the rear of the machine become corroded and an electrical connection is lost. The dryer element itself may be old and burned out. More than likely it is the wiring to the dryer element itself, reomove the cover in the rear of the machine and check connections.


Answer by  barry82 (16)

The dryer comes with a standard dial that has a hot and cool setting. Check to see that the arrow on the dial is pointed to select the hot setting.


Answer by  mack200 (35)

You could have a bad heating element,burnt wire,bad thermostat,motor heat switch,timer selector switch. A ohm meter can be used to test these parts.


Answer by  pants (48)

If it is gas, it could be the gas valve is shut off, a bad heat sensor, or the ignition system is not functioning. If it is electric, odds are it is a bad heat sensor. If your dryer is still under warrenty I would suggest contacting Kenmore for repair.


Answer by  worker5132 (9)

It could be a loose or burnt wire, or the heater element is bad. Check the tumbler and make sure it is working. Make sure the power is ON.

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