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Question by  bmr0080 (37)

Can you tell me how to fix an Onan generator carburetor?

My carburetor is broken.


Answer by  Untitledwater (27)

First of all you will have to remove the spark plug, clean it with diesel or just replace it. Further change the oil, turn your motor to take out all the oil from the cylinders.


Answer by  RJeevendran (28)

First need to remove the sprak plug. change the oil. Remove the plug,the engine will turn just just fine. Turn the motor over a few times to get fuel out of the cylinder,put plug in,now strat it,turn fuel off when it star to run. if it does again. the float or the fuel shutoff not working.


Answer by  vineethmm (16)

First need remove the spark plug. Change the oil. Remove the plug, the engine will turn just fine. Turns the motor over a few times to get fuel of cyl. Plug in. Should start


Answer by  aj20 (29)

Either remove it and clean with diesel or simpily replace it. Make sure to check the seal isnt perished too.

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