Question by  Manda (1103)

Can you tell me how to enter military time in Excel?


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

In Excel, there is a button that will show you either every formula that Excel uses or you can press another one to see certain formulas. Click on the one for numbers, and there will be an option called "Time". From there, select the second option from the top. That is usually where the military format is.


Answer by  nmckenz (11)

Right-click on the cell ( or group of cells, row, column, etc) that you wish to be in military time. Select "Format Cells" or type the letter "F". Click on the "Number" Tab. Click on the "Time" option. Select the option that says "13:30" or "13:30:55" the second option will include seconds.


Answer by  chrismasters14 (12)

Hi, 1. Enter the time from A2-A20 2. select the positions from B2 - B20 and enter the following function =IF(A2="","",TIMEVALUE(LEFT(A2,2)&":"&RIGHT(A2,2))) 5. Press ctrl+enter 6. goto Format->cells. Time in Number tab and select the 2nd one(13. 30). Press OK Times are printed from B2 - B20 in military time. Thanks!

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