Question by  pdavenpo (74)

Can you help with the troubleshooting of my Craftsman lawnmower?


Answer by  mooman2679 (1018)

What exactly is it doing? Your best bet would be to look in the manuel or to give Craftsman a call. They can probably better assist you.


Answer by  Tommy77 (49)

Yes. With most lawnmowers, the easiest way to correct any problems is to first check under the mower for any clogs or dirt buildup. It something that is easily forgotten, but make sure to always turn the mower OFF before you check the blades for safety purposes. And make sure there is gas in it.


Answer by  heatherbooboo (655)

The mover comes with a hand book, that will help a lot. If it wont start try a little wd 40 on the pull string. Or quick engine start if it try to turn over but just won't start. Check the spark plugs and make sure they aren't corroded or covered in oil.


Answer by  gr8archer45 (84)

* clean out any grass after mowing to keep the blades running * Check the mower's specific power supply or any carburetor leaks and replace worn out spark plugs regularly.


Answer by  javondasmith (42)

Calling Sears service againt. My craftsman Lawnmower is making a loud noise when it is cutting grass. what can i do? first mam cut off your mower. THen look under it and see if something is caught in the blade. If that does not work bring your mower in for service/


Answer by  GeneWeen (120)

It would be nice to know the problem. It has to do with the engine, oil, gas, exhaust, blade, blade housing, or the starter. There really is not much to them. Try Sears.


Answer by  DianeCC (48)

Depending what the problem is, you would want to check air filter, the spark plugs, is oil dirty or water in the gas tank?


Answer by  Taran (716)

Check if there is any grass stuck in the blades. Measure your tank oil, is hard to start,Prime the engine the correct way. Cold weather, requires your engine to be primed double of what carburetor with a towel or rag if engine is idling roughly. Examinelawnmower's spark plugs is running roughly, or quickly dies , simply replace.


Answer by  Kozmo (286)

Pull the plug out, and hook it back up to the plug wire; you can crank it over and see if the gap in the plug has sparks in it.


Answer by  pjs7897 (30)

No, I can't, but my father might be able to. He buys and repairs riding lawnmowers to resell. I think he might be ablt to troubleshoot for you.

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