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Question by  revathi (12)

Can you help me with my Mitsubishi. its automatic seat belts are not working?

My Mitsubishi seat belts are not working.


Answer by  henry740 (37)

First, try checking the fuse associated with the automatic seatbelts. usually, the fuse is also associated with the interior dome lights. if fuse is ok, proceed with checking the seatbealt motors which is located on the uppermost part of the interior door frame or inside the door panel.


Answer by  MechaNick (146)

Take this vehicle to a mechanic he will have to trouble shoot the problem. It's hard telling where This problem is at without haveing the vehicle to work with.


Answer by  Lamar (25)

Well these seatbelts rely on a relay thats located in the fuse box underneath your steering wheel on the left kick panel. Fortunately you would not have to bother this because Mitsubishi has a lifetime warranty on automatic seatbelts so they fix them for free! Take it to the dealer.


Answer by  hurricore (66)

You may either have a blown fuse (check them all it may not be labeled. Secondly you may have a problem with the door switch.

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