Question by  Joanie (156)

Can you help me troubleshoot a spacemaker xl800 with a blown fuse?

My spacemaker is giving me a hard time, can you help me fix it?


Answer by  rejoice (216)

Replacing a blown fuse may be easy, but try to figure out why it blew - was it just an overload / voltage surge or is it something like a short circuit or wiring problem. Tackling the underlying problem is also important.


Answer by  light (200)

The fuse may be located behind the front panel. To access this, please remove the front panel and you should be able to see the fuse. Once you find it replace the blown fuse of the spacemaker xl 1800 with another new fuse with the same ratings.


Answer by  rjeyanth (194)

The spacemaker xl1800 has a built in surge protector that may actually prevent a fuse from blowing. If a blown fuse is not the problem then you have to get a technician to set the tripped surge protector right.


Answer by  worker43 (34)

Blown fuses are known to happen by an overload or by a short circuit. You can trace the wiring for any loose connections or irregularities.

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