Question by  steve41 (37)

Can you give me some really cool ideas for Sweet Sixteen party favors?

They can't be too expensive.


Answer by  golfgirl (173)

A cool idea would be to do a photo key chain. If there aren't too many guests, you could even do personalized ones of you with each guest.


Answer by  Jackie50 (360)

Key chains would be a great idea since you usually get your drivers license (and a car key!) when you turn sixteen. Another car-related idea is scented air fresheners that hang from the rear view mirror. On another note, you might be able to order ankle socks or shoe laces that have "Sweet Sixteen" on them, which would be fun!


Answer by  michiyo (97)

It would be good if it's like a snow theme. it's not too expensive if you only use your creativity in using some items. All white for the venue. Use only things that are needed to create a snow wonderland. And the visitors would be in a white dress except the celebrant.


Answer by  Michele13 (1188)

I would check out Dollar Tree and Big Lots for small,nice trinkets that can be incorportated into a bouquet or small box.At Dollar Tree they have nice porcelain figurines of all kinds of subjects like angels and beautiful girls.Big Lots has things like inexpensive,pretty watches and costume jewelry.

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