Question by  Bandit87 (13)

Can you give me a review of the Echo Weed Whacker?


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

Echo Weed Whacker has received favorable user reviews. Reviews consistently report no problems, continues with reliable performance and receives 5 star rating. It weighs 11.6 pounds and has 5 year warranty. Noted is that the shoulder harness is not included, must purchase separately. Ease off throttle when not wanting to cut into fence posts, landscape timbers and mobile home skirts.


Answer by  Buddie (10)

Yes my Echo Weed whacker is great! I've had it for about seven years. It was used when I got it. It still runs great.


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

One word, sturdy! This thing lasts for what seems like forever. I have had mine for at least four years and it never acts up. It eats through whacking cord like crazy but that's to be expected. It's great on power and can cut through just about any thickness in your yard.


Answer by  rajahassaan (149)

echo weed whacker is a great tool for whack you know if you want to whack something then this tool is great for whacking it also very fun and cool some buddy uses it for only fun but i must tell that it is a very great tool for whacking .

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