Question by  tavernman (8)

Can you get your belly button pierced if your with a 21 year old and she is your sister?


Answer by  justaskforbrandy (553)

You have to be either eighteen years old or with your guardian in order to get a piercing. So, if your sister is your guardian and can legally sign for you, then you can get your belly button pierced.


Answer by  TarilltheMad (78)

A responsible piercing artist would not pierce you without a parent or guardian there at the shop and permission form signed. This can vary by state and local laws.


Answer by  mandown (416)

You have to be of age, or with a guardian, or parent in order to get any body part pierced. If you are under age, you cannot try to take a sibling, even if they are 21 or older. It won't work.


Answer by  alicesays (106)

Most reputable places will only pierce you if you are old enough or with parental consent (not with sibling consent). If you can find a shop that will pierce you with your sister present rather than your parents, there is a good chance it's a less reputable place and could lead to infection or other issues.


Answer by  kjgoulet (460)

Depends on where you live, in my state you have to have the permission of BOTH parents. Even if they are divorced they much both sign to allow it to happen and that's even just at 16 years old. Otherwise you have to wait til you're 18 years old.

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