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Question by  Smartypants (16)

Can you get sick from a cat bite?


Answer by  cxdela (14)

A bite from any animal causes the introduction of harmful bacteria found in the animal's mouth into your system, thereby causing infection. This may be local causing inflammation, tenderness and redness at the bite site. It may also become systemic, causing fever, body malaise, nausea, and other possible related symptoms. Anyone bitten by any animal must seek medical attention immediately.


Answer by  JM (125)

Any bite by an animal is considered serious. A domestic cat may be cared for, loved, and fed but it is better to make sure that when an bite accident occurs, this should be checked-up immediately. The root reason for such vigilance is to prevent/ rule out the presence of rabies. Rabies virus can be transmitted in animal bites.


Answer by  juliannna (639)

If the cat is wild,then you may become sick. A bite from a wild cat,can transfer some diseases to human,which can cause infection or disease.


Answer by  symphonyparis (493)

Yes you can. Depending on where the bite is located it can be very serious. Is the cat a stray? Or a house cat? These are factors as well. If bitten on the wrist as opposed to the neck, the damage is going to vary as well as the risk.

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