Question by  VickieB (16)

Can you get MS Publisher for free to use a newsletter template?


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Unfortunately, Publisher isn't available for free. If you already have Word, you can download templates that can serve the same function, including the addition of graphics. The CNet website also offers several publishing tools available for free that may work for you as well.


Answer by  Ilsieh83 (248)

You can download a free 60-days trial of MS Publisher. There are also a couple of free newsletter templates you can download.


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

You must buy ms publisher in order to use it. You can't get free MS publisher, it is illegal to have for free.


Answer by  turkey98 (232)

You can't get Publisher for free legally but there are free alternatives. Scribus and OpenOffice Draw are both free programs with similar functions.


Answer by  RafiqKanani (13)

Yes MS publisher can be Downloaded free for trail from microsoft site itself or you can search on the net for free for ever version and download it and you can use it for a newsletter template and ther are many free template included inside but you can also download it from net some other cool template also.

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