Question by  james90 (7)

Can you buy sheet music that has piano letters instead of the musical notes?

I am trying to learn to play the piano but I can't read music yet.


Answer by  corynn (24)

Go through your sheet music beforehand and write each note's letter above the note. You'll learn music in no time.


Answer by  yargomedeiros (27)

Not that I know of. You can find some sheet music with the letters beneath the musical notes, but its used for keyboard techniques, like backing up the right hand with chords from the left hand. Piano sheet music has two keys at the same time: one for each hand.


Answer by  girlygirl51 (39)

You can buy sheet music for beginners at music stores that have letters; otherwise, just buy normal sheet music, learn to read the notes and write in the letters or get someone else to do it for you.


Answer by  Gloubiboudinblan (41)

No , what you called 'piano letters' are just oral names for the notes . They are only uses for chords . Unfortunately , for the piano , the only solution is to learn reading musical notes :/ It's quit easy you'll see!

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