Question by  catboxxy (182)

Can you build a mini bike with a lawn mower engine?


Answer by  9119 (12)

You can build a mini-bike with a lawn mower engine. The difficult part is that the shaft of the lawn mower and the shaft of the mini bike run in different directions.


Answer by  colaw (43)

yes it is very possible it will require a lot of time though. it would include stripping the engine from mower mounting it side ways on the mini bike and changing the blade out so you could run a chain through it.


Answer by  AMIGOS (12)

why not? yes,you can build a mini bike from basic lawn mower engine. what you need is just a frame to put the engine on(you can buy a pre-made frame)and you may need to weld the engine to the frame.And this is the most simplest way to make a make a mini bike


Answer by  bmcraig (11)

Yes you definitely can use the engine of a lawn mower to build a mini bike. Of course you would need to be an experienced mechanic to properly assemble the lawn mowers engine to the frame of the bike.


Answer by  JT34 (68)

Yes. You can bulid a mini bike from basic lawn mower engines. You will need a frame to put the engine on. And you may need to weld the engine to the frame.


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

Yes, absolutely. That's how minibikes began - somebody put a lawn motor engine on a small bicycle fame, and the rest is history. Of course, now you can buy a premade frame that won't require a lot of additional welding like those old ones did.

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