Question by  moon19beams (19)

Can Sony Clie read pdf files?

I'd like to use Sony Clie as a reader.


Answer by  NerdyTech (137)

Yes. I'm not sure it has a built-in PDF reader in some of its versions. If not, just surf the web to find a mobile version of a pdf reader.


Answer by  trigonometry (668)

Definitely yes. I used to have an old black white Clie, a very simple model. It was capable of displaying PDF files using a mobile version of the Acrobat Reader. The Acrobat Reader was installed as application from the beginning on. I am not sure whether you can also find a free download from the web.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

On the Clie you can run windows or linux. With windows you can easily install adobe. With linux I suggest you to convert the pdf to html.


Answer by  Heffer (122)

Yes you can use the Sony CLIE to read pdf files. It is a very good option to use this device as an e-reader as it is small and portable. It also has the capabilities to read pdf files in which your favorite books might be saved in that format.


Answer by  archie (73)

A Sony Clie was a series of personal digital assistants running the Palm Operating System developed and marketed by Sony from 2000 to 2005. And yes a sony clie devices can read pdf files. Sony clie is like an adobe reader that can read ebooks and reading ebooks with sony clie is so good.


Answer by  amitkinha (293)

Yes, it can. In fact, it uses a mini version of Adobe Acrobat, which is the default reader on desktop and laptop computers so the transition should be painless. All you need to do is transfer the files onto your Clie and open them using Acrobat.


Answer by  shan42 (29)

Yes, sony clie devices can read pdf files. You can use sony clie as a reader. it is very good to read ebooks and many other stuffs.

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