Question by  Jaclyn (42)

Can someone else sell on E-Bay for me?


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

Yes, there is actually a service on ebay now where you can hire someone to sell your items for you. As long as you really have the item of course.


Answer by  Zampano (164)

Yes, there are many E-bay stores and resellers who will sell your product for you for a small fee. It's like the love interest in The 40 Year Old Virgin. There may be physical stores near you, look around craigslist or your local strip malls. You'd deliver the item to them and they'd get back to you when sold


Answer by  thiefraccoon (266)

check your local area for such services. near where i live, (California) there is a store/service called "I sold it on Ebay", and they take your item, sell it on Ebay for you, and take certain percentage of the money you get. Similar services are provited in most areas now.


Answer by  Me51 (357)

Absolutely. There are lots of local businesses that do this, try doing a search. You can also search on ebay itself for the term "Trading Assistants" for more information.

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