Question by  misschilly007 (20)

Can sinus pain make your teeth hurt?


Answer by  bikergirl (65)

I had went to the dentist onc because I had a real bad tooth ache. During the examination I was unable to tell them which tooth hurt because it hurt in one general area. The dentist then asked me if I had the sniffles. I told him that I did and he then told me I had a sinus infection.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

I would imagine it can but for me every time I get a sinus, my forehead experiences some pain as well as the side of my face. But I have never such experienced any teeth pain. But I would imagine it can as the side of the face is affected.


Answer by  IRSS (89)

Yes I believe sinus pain can cause discomfort of your teeth. It has happened to me before I think it is where its in the general area.


Answer by  Dixie (60)

Yes Sinus pressure makes my teeth hurt and I can usually help the pain by a Hot shower letting the spray run over my forehead or if it is extreme I will take something to relieve the sinus pressure over the counter meds work for me. When there is pressure the in the sinus cavity it can cause teeth pain.

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