Question by  jackyl565 (26)

Can I use tropical landscaping in Dallas Texas?

I want to make sure the hot, humid weather will not kill what I plant.


Answer by  DtheM1 (1150)

You can, but it will be on a plant-by-plant basis. There are several tropical plants that can withstand the weather in Dallas, and several that cannot. Do your research.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Early months can bring cooler than normal temps in Dallas. During summer months there usually is little to no rain. There can be 100+ degree days and it's hard for plants to endure this. It does frost at times. Depends on how much work you are prepared to do.


Answer by  Tiny1234 (115)

Check the hardiness zones of the plants you want to grow to make sure they will do well in Dallas. It is also a good idea to consult with your local nursery they will be able to guide you.


Answer by  CIV (26)

The plants will need to be grown in combination with taller shade producin plants and low ground cover. The tropicals will need spot watering on a regular basis until they have a solid root base established. The most important thing to understand is the dry weather is the limiting factor not the heat.

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