Question by  Kerri87 (11)

Can I throw my microwave in the garbage?


Answer by  AEF (519)

Generally speaking, yes. There is nothing inherently hazardous in a microwave oven. You should check with your trash hauler just to be sure. If your microwave still works and you're replacing it, consider donating it to a local thrift shop. They can resell it and you'll get a tax break.


Answer by  lily290 (134)

You can throw your microwave in the garbage. Any time I have thrown one away, someone picks it up from the curb to recycle the parts.


Answer by  cangel818 (981)

You could but you shouldn't. Microwave ovens can include hazardous materials including heavy metals such as lead. In some States is it illegal. Check with your city codes.


Answer by  Anonymous

If the microwave fits....throw it.


Answer by  Kyz (10)

You shouldn`t trow a microwave in the garbage, simply because this is a household appliance. There are certain methods by which you get rid of this kind of items.

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