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Question by  Anonymous

Can I really lose fat around my stomach just by doing a lot of sit-ups?

i have heard that you can't lose weight in one particular place... is this true?


Answer by  Anonymous

Unfortunately, diet trumps exercise. Do the sit-ups, but watch what and how much you eat.


Answer by  calcutta (168)

Nope. you can't lose fat in a particular place. If you burn more calories than you consume, then you will lose weight but it is your body that "decides" where to remove the fat from. Situps will help you tone the muscles in that area, but thats it.


Answer by  Anonymous

No. There's no spot-specific exercise. You have to watch what you eat. Swimming burns a lot of fat.


Answer by  Wackonorm (164)

Sit ups will help build up the muscle around your midsection but it will not burn fat. Aerobic exercise is the only way to burn fat. The best way to fight the tummy bulge is to combine aerobic exercise with sit ups.


Answer by  Anonymous

When you work out individual muscle areas like squats, situps, and pushups, you 'tone' that area. obviously you burn energy simply being active, so technically speaking yes you can flatten your stomach by doing situps.


Answer by  JimB (13)

Sit-ups do use your ab muscles, but they do not burn a lot of fat. If you did a lot of sit-ups you would increase the size of your abs, maybe even get a 'six pack'. The problem is, however, you would still have all that fat over them! A good cardio routine will get rid of fat.


Answer by  YellowCar (87)

It's not true at all. Of course you can lose weight in one particular place, though you will simultaneously lose weight in other places. The problem here is more one of semantics than one of what you will actually achieve if you do sit-ups. Do the sit-ups; you will lose weight everywhere, including one particular place.

posted by Anonymous
No, you really can't. It's impossible to spot reduce weight. You can spot gain muscle...but not spot lose fat.

Do like "Jim B" said, get some crunches in, but work on losing fat as well.  add a comment
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