Question by  degu (27)

Can I mount antlers myself or does a taxidermist have to do it?

Do they make kits to mount antlers? Can I just saw the head off if I don't want it and keep the antlers?


Answer by  Kimm22 (130)

If you want good results, go with a taxidermist. I've seen some antlers mounted with kits that were OK, but if you just saw the head off they will rot.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

There are kits you can get at hunting supply stores or even on eBay. These are for antler mounts and they come with a complete guide on how to do this.


Answer by  chall515 (102)

You can mount the antlers yourself all you need is the antler mounting board kit that you can get at most sporting good stores.

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