Question by  Holly81 (98)

Can a cat have epilepsy?

I think my cat has epilepsy.


Answer by  bbb (54)

Yes cats can have epilepsy. You must take your cat to the vet as soon as possible, they will exam the cat and test him to see if he does indeed have epilepsy and talk to you about all the treatment possiblities that are available to you and your cat.


Answer by  partyanimal33 (452)

Yes, cats can have epilepsy. Vets can normally diagnose this condition with some lab work and there is medication to control it.


Answer by  al1328 (49)

It is very possible that your cat may have epilepsy. There are different types of feline epilepsy, as well as various underlying reasons. My best suggestion is to take your cat to the veterinarian in order to know for sure what the problem may be and to be able to best treat your specific case.


Answer by  dracon420 (249)

Epilepsy occurs in all breeds of cats, including mixed breeds. Epilepsy can be a genetic trait. It can even be familial, meaning the epileptic disorder can pass down through generations.


Answer by  keepsmiling (648)

Yes, cats can have epilepsy. If your cat has had a seizure there could be many other causes besides epilepsy so a veterinarian will have to rule out poison, fever,etc.


Answer by  Rincewind (239)

Yes, cats can have it also and it is usually easily kept under control with pills so don't wait and visit your vet.


Answer by  aussiegirl (711)

Most definatly,and beleive it or not the medication can be the same as for humans (much lower doses of course) there are tests that can be done and if your cat has a fit maybe try and tape it for the vet.


Answer by  Wraith (191)

Yes it is completely possible. If you suspect that is what is wrong you should make her a vet appointment as soon as you can. Epilepsy in cats is pretty hard to manage but it can be done if you're committed.


Answer by  JAM87 (111)

yes a cat can have epilepsi. usually symptoms don't show up until the cat is 2-3 years old. if your worried about epilepsy, please bring your cat to the vet.


Answer by  DtheM1 (1150)

Cats are mammals, like humans, and thus share many characteristics. Similar to humans, cats can also have epilepsy. If you suspect your cat has it, by exhibiting similar symptoms to a human with epilepsy, you should take your cat to a vet. A vet will be able to make a certain diagnosis.


Answer by  tcat (769)

Cats can have neurological problems. They can have spasmodic nervous attacks which strike them. They can have nervous twitches in different places. So I would think that a cat could have things that are close to epilepsie, so you might want to check with your vet, I am not sure, they may give medication.

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