Question by  7places (36)

Are you happy with your FiOS internet?


Answer by  lgk (2426)

Yes I am very happy with it. I used to have the POTS for internet, and it was slow and sluggish on a good day. With the new FiOS, I zoom right through one page to the next. I honestly think it is the best thing to happen to the internet for a long time.


Answer by  JRC (38)

I have FiOS, AOL and Comcast internet in y lifetime. I have a very positive rating for FiOS internet and also for FiOS support.


Answer by  k35 (30)

no it has lots of bugand glitches the guide is a piece of trash and your paying way to much for nothing the coustomer service is the worst out there the picture is great but the problem of channels being unavailble is very very irratating they really need to fix this


Answer by  blahblahblah (82)

I am very satisfied with my FiOS internet connection. For the cost it is by far the best option for home or business internet access. The speed and connection quality cannot be matched by either DSL or cable internet. Basically you have the benefits of a business class connection for the cost of a cheap home solution.

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