Question by  JITENDRA89 (9)

Are there special domains where you can set up a business email?

I don't want to use a site that looks like I'm not professional.


Answer by  venkiaries61 (53)

Gmail is the best for business email. click the "accounts and import" tab in gmail settings. "send mail as" option is used the create a business email like . After completing necessary steps, set it as your default account so that all incoming and outgoing mail is automatically routed through this address.


Answer by  SKtips (141)

Professionals of different types all over the world use gmail, it's secure, flexible, and you can have your name in the address, such as . This looks quite professional. In the world of e-mail there are no true standards, and unless you want to register your own domain name and use that (), There's no reason to pay.


Answer by  phoenix85 (366)

Set up an e-mail address with GMail. GMail is readily accepted as a widely used, personal and professional e-mail address. It's easy, free, and has a lot of storage space for business files and e-mail.


Answer by  SXMPA (16)

Most businesses use hotmail, gmail or any common service provider. If you want to have your own domain that's a different story, keep in mind that nobody will see how your mail looks, only your email address.


Answer by  Kit (558)

Yes, though they *might* ask you for a minimal fee, like Yahoo. Free ones, will have to populate your account with ads and/or banners, which is not a good opt.


Answer by  Silvio (61)

No. There are not special domains for business, but is a good practice does not use webmail services like Hotmail, Gmail, Y!, etc. Use domains like and .biz are good too.

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