Question by  worker8887 (33)

Are name brand clothes really made better?

I just can't see spending all that money.


Answer by  babylove (655)

Sometimes they are made with better fabrics, but if you put on jeans from a department store and than jeans from a designer store, you might not see a difference. Most people just buy name brand to look more expensive.


Answer by  pinkpigtails (23)

Brands clothes actually are made better because they have their name/reputation to protect. Higher brands have more money to spend on better quality fabrics.


Answer by  Heather726 (257)

Many times they are made better. And since they're made better, they will last longer - thereby giving you a better value for your money.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Name brands are better if you buy them from a department store. It has been know that buying from outlet stores has a cheaper quality of material for the same design. They do not wash well and don't last as long. Pay a little more and you will have a fashion that fits well and looks great.

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