Question by  bigd921 (19)

Are Japanese maple trees good trees for around the house?


Answer by  ktmcatee (94)

A Japanese maple would be a good tree indoors for a period of time, maybe about one year. They are hardy, so if you can provide them with ample sunlight and water, they can be kept inside until the winter. During winter, you should put the tree outside to go through dormancy. Otherwise they look great planted in the yard.


Answer by  Qwitzon (578)

Yes, they can do well planted close to a house foundation (if you meant outside the home). These trees do well in zone 3-5 with partial shade in the summer and protection from wind. Indoors, these trees do not do well indoors even as a Bonsai.


Answer by  DtheM1 (1150)

Yes, Japanese Maple trees are a very popular landscaping tree. They provide a great deep purple color not common in indigenous trees, and it does not grow too large.


Answer by  Tomykas (9)

yes they are because those trees look good and surely they will make your garden look better, but when they shed leafs it could be a problem gathering them but still it is worth it

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