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Question by  gardener (176)

Are free online video games a scam?


Answer by  MrKnowNothing (22)

If you mean MMO's (Massive multiplayer online) then they aren't scams, but for some people it is not worth it. A good majority of free to play MMO's have micro transactions which can hinder your experience. I personnally dont want to pay $1.00 for a new weapon that i think should be found in the game.


Answer by  gringox (26)

No the vast majority a scam free. With anything on the internet there will be those that are genuine and those not so. It just requires common sense to spot the scammers. Remember genuine sites will not ask for bank details or credit card details


Answer by  ravagerns (5)

No, but usually they are not really free. To access some features, or to ease gameplay you need to pay some money, buy tokens etc.


Answer by  Lich (10)

No, many free online games make their revenue via ads, or customers playing for certain aspects of the game, such as items or costumes.

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