Question by  CBconstruction (11)

Are fast dissolving allergy medications the best kind?


Answer by  alison123 (85)

In the short term fast dissolving allergy medication may give relief however the underlying conditions causing the allergy need investigation as gut wall integrity is often involved with the allergy.


Answer by  myogi (23)

Pills and tablets are designed to give the right dose of medicine under the conditions of the body, depending on how they enter the body. Fast dissolving medicines have the same amount of medicine you would get in a regular pill, the deliver is the only difference. So, if you dont like taking pills fast dissolving medicines are better.


Answer by  queenbee77 (146)

They do give the quickest relief. Other types of medications take long to dissolve and then must travel through your blood stream before they can actually take effect. Fast dissolving once cut down on the time it takes them to break down and move through your system. Only take them as directed.


Answer by  huguenot (51)

The best kind of allergy medications are the ones that do not enter the blood brain barrier (BBB). That is because drugs that enter the BBB cause drowsiness, such as benadryl.

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