Question by  jalisha29 (24)

Are Black Opal cosmetics available in stores or only online?

I love the lip colors.


Answer by  Sam89 (22)

Black opal cosmetics are available both online and in store. The products are sold at Walmart, Walgreens and even the cosmetics centers at most grocery stores. The brand is fairly common and you should have no trouble finding what you are looking for.

Reply by mordoro (1):
Black Opal products are found online and in stores but at select locations. I did a search and found the products at RiteAid. CVS, Walgreens and even some beauty supply stores did not carry the brand.  add a comment

Answer by  mama86 (245)

You can find Black Opal cosmetics in a couple different stores that I know of. They don't carry the whole line though. Stick to online for a wider selection in products.


Answer by  sooz (644)

They are available in CVS, Walmart and Rite Aid stores but it depends on the geographic area. The selection also varies greatly by location. What may be sold in one store may not be available in another. I would recommend either ordering online for convenience or checking their website to see if they are available in your area.


Answer by  EmilyRose (34)

Yes, they are availiable in stores. They are found in select Walgreens. They also have a website. (Can be found on Amazon, , ...) I would suggest calling your local walgreens or maybe cvs to see if they have these products. If you are intestered in trying other products in their line, I would recommend the eyeliners and foundation.


Answer by  abluvion (11)

Yes, Black Opal cosmetics are available in stores. In order to locate a store near you, visit the company's website and use their store finder to search by zip code.


Answer by  Bobinski (1652)

I believe Black Opal is sold in some stores as well as online. There are several websites where you can purchase it from. You can purchase it at some Walmart stores, some Rite Aid stores and some CVS stores. Not all of the stores carry it so your best bet would be to order it online.


Answer by  Anonymous


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