Question by  HTMLexpert (23)

After Combofix comes on then a blue screen appears, how do I fix it?


Answer by  Talerith (83)

The blue screen appears at the very end of running Combofix. When the blue screen appears it tells you not to run any programs while it finishes. Combofix will NOT finish until you turn off your anti-virus program. You will need to disable your auto-protect on your anti-virus.


Answer by  johnchristopheryap (40)

If the bluescreen is saying please wait while combofix is preparing to run, no need for you to fix it. just follow the onscreen instructions to run the software.


Answer by  ahsanmahmoodawan (1169)

i daily saw peoples fighting with blue screen and this is a major problems of some computers the easiest way of get rid of it is reinstalling the operating system


Answer by  bob6518 (319)

The 'Blue Screen of Death' is a common problem in computers. The best way to make completely sure you get rid of it is to completely uninstall and reinstall your operating system - make sure to back up your data first though!


Answer by  Charlton (192)

This is pretty simpl: get rid of Combofix and try free version of really approved programs like AVG. If you can't remove Combofix, boot to safe mode and uninstall it. It can be also that there is infection, where Combofix can't help and is itself in dengareous state. Therefore you shoul duse some other tool.

posted by Anonymous
You realize that AVG is blind to root kits and such, and that is most likely WHY someone would use combofix. If you don't know what the tool is for don't offer advice. Combofix is a last resort before formatting in my opinion. AVG is useless for it.  add a comment

Answer by  RepairItMan (419)

The blue screen sounds like some aspect of your computer hardware is failing. You may want to unplug any unneeded hardware. After ComboFix does its scan, it may be picking up some sort of virus or malware. You may want to restore your computer back to it's factory defaults.


Answer by  RandomDan (489)

If you are talking about a BSOD, then it should give you an error code that looks similar to '0x000000XX. ' Do a search for that code and you should find some great suggestions on how to fix it.


Answer by  dizaraj (5)

Its a fetal error and computer to be in hang position. The solution is restarting the PC. If the same problem appear to the screen then give a new operating system with formatting the H.D.D. If same then change the H.D.D with new one for better & final solution.


Answer by  rasel (43)

Cheek out your RAM, change the it will fix the problem. If it doesn't fix the problem then format your C drive and setup OS, like: WindowsXP, Windows Vista or Windows Seven. Then setup your driver very carefully.


Answer by  Anonymous

Try to reboot in SafeMode pres F8 Run combofix again Worked for me & removed virus


Answer by  ranjeetverma2008gmailcom (22)

I think after combofix comes on screen we can directly shut down the computer and after shut down we can restart the computer with the safe mode. on the safe mode computer will be safe.

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