Question by  sailorzeiler (29)

Will vinegar kill moss?


Answer by  worker5946 (132)

Vinegar can kill unwanted mosses when used in sufficient quanitities or if the moss is submurged long enough in the vinegar, short or small qualtities may not be sufficient to kill some more hardy verieties of moss so depending on how thick the moss is or how resilient lager quantities may be required as needed.


Answer by  beko (78)

Depending on the type and depending on the severity of it. Peroxide is a much better way to kill moss growing around your house.


Answer by  worker2746 (2434)

Vinegar will kill moss, but not for the long term. To kill moss you need to remove anything shading the area and then check the acidity of the soil You can apply lime to help alleviate any moss problems.


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

Vinegar can kill moss. Check with your local nursery to see if they sell a stronger vinegar than what you can purchase at the store.

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