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Question by  Michael1419 (39)

Why is my Dodge Caravan making a loud humming sound?


Answer by  Jenny30 (161)

You could have a few problems wrong. You could have a wheel bearing that is going out. A wheel bearing noise makes a loud humming noise when bad


Answer by  6ixk (1156)

That could be many things, the most likely one would be a hole in a intake line, It would cause a hum because of the plastic molding and the way the air hits it.


Answer by  rusty94 (123)

That's called the engine, it powers the car, and eats gasoline, unless the car is turned off, the engine will persist in making noise. It is a very common problem with all cars that have gas engines.


Answer by  timbucktoo (350)

A number of things could cause this, but most likely you're experiencing a wheel bearing going out or a bad tire. Check those first. Otherwise, it's the engine.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

It might be a hole in the intake pipe of your car. You should get it checked in your local workshop.


Answer by  blackley (64)

there are many reasons why your Your Dodge caravan may be making a humming sound the most common is a bad wheel bearing.


Answer by  worker6771 (7)

One key reason could be that your silencer pipe is leaky. Check if the silencer pipe is broken. Replacing that could reduce the noise in your car. Leaky silencer pipe can create really loud humming noise. Your silencer could have been broken while driving through a rugged terrain. In countries with rough terrain, cases of broken silencer pipes are high.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

If your Dodge Caravan is making these types of noises then your transmission could be going out. You will need to have this repaired or fixed as soon as possible.


Answer by  tsw85 (0)

i have a buzzing sound coming from under the dash when the key is off or on and this has killed the battery. what can i do?

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