Question by  dizzymariposa (21)

Why does my dog smell like pee?

My dog always smells like pee, what could be the cause.


Answer by  CDix (64)

A common reason for your dog to smell like urine could be a kidney infection. Make sure your dog is getting plenty of water. If it persists see your vet as it could require an antibiotic. Another common reason for urine smell is something as simple as fur. If your dog was outside,he could have rolled around in it.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

He needs a good bath, he could be urinating on his hair. If he still smells, he might have an infection and should see a Vet. This is worse then the doggy smell.


Answer by  Anonymous

my dog got sprayed by a cat that he got ahold of and I gave him a good bath but the smell is still there


Answer by  Anonymous

it's the same with my dog, well thats what my family thinks. i think it is something with pine though


Answer by  Anonymous

My dog is a small pomeranian and when he pees, he ends up peeing on his legs and belly....I rinse him daily...

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