Question by  randiegrl (110)

Who was the first female quarterback?

She played in a youth league, I believe.


Answer by  John4045 (8)

The first female quarterback was Jasmine Plummer who was from Harvey Illinios. At eleven years old in 2003 she became the first female to play quaterback in Pop Warner Tournament history which spanned 56 years at the time. Her team the Harvey Colts ended up losing in the semi finals of the Pee Wee division.

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The youngest girl quarterback in the nation is Jordan Olivares she is still playing going on three years as a qb she is all over youtube and was on ESPN too.  add a comment

Answer by  Fbfan (7)

There was a girl quarterback that played for Junior All American Football 95-98 and then went on to play high school 99-2001 , Samantha Grisafe GrGrisafe.

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Sami Grisafe is now QB for the Chicago Force, they went 9-1 in 2011.  add a comment

Answer by  nickyann (363)

Jasmine Plummer played quarterback for the Minden Browns in Minden, Illinois and lead her team to the Pop Warner Super Bowl. She was taught by her Uncle Curtis.


Answer by  kevin2009 (36)

The first female quarterback was jasmine plummer. She was a 11 yr old girl back then. She is from Illinos. She is also the only female quarterback to play football in the past 56 years. She is a highly energitic and very agile woman. That makes her the best quarterback the world has seen!!


Answer by  rightlight (1053)

There has never been a female quarterback in any college or professional ranks who plays with men. However, there is a female professional football league that plays a short season during the off season of the nfl. Many of these women have sports backgrounds in softball, wrestling, karate, and basketball.


Answer by  Tonybone (80)

The first female quarterback was Anne-Lawrence Harvey, a 14 year old girl who played for the St. Patrick's High School Fighting Irish football team.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

In youth leagues around North America, I have no doubt that there are a number of female quarterbacks (especially under the age of say, 8). But professionally, there has never been a female quarterback.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

There has never been a professional female quarterback to play football, but in youth leagues, there are many around North America.


Answer by  mani (813)

An 11-year-old girl whose name is Jasmine Plummer of chicago, played the foot ball as as the first female quarterback in the 56th Annual Pop Warner Super Bowl.


Answer by  antoniokt (9)

First African-American quarterback in the NFL: Willie Thrower (Michigan State), Chicago Bears 1953 Therefore The first African American quarteraback was Willie Thrower.

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