Question by  jeestes82 (105)

Where can I get some basic information about parakeets?


Answer by  Nae (13)

You can get plenty of information about parakeets at your local library, there should be many books with a wide range of information on parakeets. You can also visit your local zoo or pet shop. These people are often experts at taking care of parakeets and have knowledge of the birds far beyond the basic ins and outs of care.


Answer by  ilovebirds (6)

Of course, the internet can provide lots of info. Many pet stores have pages with usual information on care of pets. If all else fails, run to a local pet store. They usual have books for fair prices about all the pets they carry


Answer by  JaydeesLaydee (523)

Many different places. You can Google about them, look for magazines like Bird Talk, or go to a pet store where they are sold.


Answer by  HilaryC (1382)

Wikipedia would be a good place to start. Also bird sites would have good information for you. Also your pet store where you can pick up the parakeet is bound to have information. There are books in the store, which are inexpensive, that will help you understand what your parakeet needs.


Answer by  jm1982 (57)

The internet is a powerful place to find information on just about anything. Google would be a good place to type in the phrase parakeets and have loads of information on everything about them at your disposal.


Answer by  masa (20)

many places you get information about parakeets like local libary.there should many books with wide range of information about parakeets. you should go zoo there you get more information about also search google there you get many information about parakeets.look for bird magazine from which u get information.

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