Question by  Catherine13 (16)

What would cause painless red spots on your lower legs?


Answer by  prissymissy (1895)

They may be ingrown hairs from shaving irritation. Use a cream shave next time you shave your legs and make sure you change your razor often.


Answer by  cindy (1484)

A common cause of painless red spots on your lower legs is a skin condition called keratosis pilaris. It is caused by plugs of keratin in hair follicles. It usually gets better with age. You can treat it with moisturizing lotions. It is a condition that tends to run in families.


Answer by  genigirl (35)

A lot of times I get red spots from dry shaving my legs, it could be razor burn. It could also be caused by tiny blood vessels bursting under your skin.


Answer by  Moma123 (1043)

Red or purple spots can appear on legs due to hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. Allergies can also cause red spots on skin. Some common causes of red spots are freckles, sunburn, vitamin deficiency, drug reactions and birthmarks. Other causes are such as adrenal disorder, dermatomysitis, scleroderma, liver problem, insect bites etc.

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