Question by  renee (354)

What type of fungus grows on apples and oranges?


Answer by  kevincai96 (669)

There are many types of fungus that could possibly grow on apples and oranges. However, the most commonly known type is called Penicillium digitatum.


Answer by  atomiclemon (188)

This fungus is called Podosphaera leucotricha, which is also known as "powdery mildew". It comes in cold weather expecially, and can be on more than just apples and oranges, it can also occur on leaves and shoots, buds and blossoms and just about any kind of fruit on the planet.


Answer by  Tabby (36)

There are no types of fungi that specifically or exclusively grow on apples and oranges; however the genera cladosporium and rhizopus are among the most common forms of microscopic fungi found on decaying fruit.


Answer by  StarOne (941)

Oranges can develop orange rust fungus. Apples can get what is called sooty mold. Both of these can be treated.


Answer by  cveeras123 (32)

Penicillium is an opportunistic fungus attacking fruits and causing loss of millions of dolalrs especiially during storage and transport. Penicillium italicum (bluish in color) and Penicillium digitatum (olive green in color) are the fungus growing on oranges. Similarly Penicillium expansum (brown in colors) is the fungus growing on apples making them rot.

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