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Question by  193jrsy (1)

What is the proper care for a Boston Terrier's corkscrew tail?


Answer by  Derbyboo (442)

Dry skin is the biggest problem; use a conditioner every time you bathe the dog; also make sure you dry the tail if it gets wet from rain or playing.


Answer by  Jakey98 (222)

The corkscrew tail found on boston terriers is a mutation of the spine, which is considered desirable in breeding dogs. Keep the area clean and dry as best you can, and take the dog to the vet if he seems to be in pain or if you think he might have an infection.


Answer by  dragonfly (38)

The corkscrew tail is actually a variation of a deformity called Hemivertebrae. This is a result of both halves of the vertebrae to fuse properly during fetal development. Most important is to keep the area around the tail gently cleaned once a week or so.


Answer by  Jessec1007 (165)

It is crucial to keep its tail area clean. Washing the area daily or as often as you can. Amputation of the tail may be considered.

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