Question by  JakeStruckle (11)

What is the CPT procedure code for tubal ligation?


Answer by  quisqualis (1756)

That code is 58600, if the procedure is done alone, without other abdominal surgery and not right after a vaginal delivery. If the ligation is done after vaginal delivery, and during the same hospitalization, it is coded 58605. If a ligation is done during a caesarian section or other abdomial surgery, the code is + 58611.


Answer by  sailendra (63)

Tubal ligation is an interruption of the continuity of the oviducts by cutting, cautery, or by a plastic or metal device to prevent future conception. There are four occlusion methods for tubal ligation, i. e. partial salpingectomy, clips, silicone rings, and electrocoagulation or cauterization. CPT 58600 is the right procedure code for tubal ligation.


Answer by  obilina (27)

A tubal ligation is assigned the CPT procedure code of 00851. The use of individual codes for each medical/surgical procedure allows for accurate billing through the insurance company by the physician or hospital.


Answer by  vlatkko (6)

The code for the bilateral tubal ligation is 58611. This is the ligation or transection of fallopian tubes (s) when done at the time of c-section delivery (not a separate procedure).


Answer by  krishna54 (212)

the CPT procedure code is for females 66. 2x and 66. 3x and for males 63. 7x whic is done to cut and tie the sterilisation to ladies and gents. This process reduces the sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnencies.


Answer by  rosieposey78 (1304)

Code 58600 is CPT procedure code for a ligation or transection of fallopian tubes, abdominal or vaginal approach, unilateral or bilateral.


Answer by  eawptdza (36)

CPT codes 58600, 58605 and 58611 all code for tubal ligation procedures. Code 58600 is a general tubal ligation CPT code.


Answer by  Anonymous

exploratory mini-laparotomy with bilateral tubal ligation

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