Question by  mvgd (49)

What is the circum-radius of a triangle inradius equilateral?

I need to understand the circumradius of a triangle.


Answer by  marito (34)

The circum-radius of a triangle is a radius of the circle touching the triangle vertices. Circum-radius of a polyhedron is the radius of a circumsphere touching the polyhedron's vertices.


Answer by  nupur66 (22)

Inradius is the radius of the circle inscribed touching each side of equilateral triangle. The Circum-radius is the lenght of the line from top of equilateral triangle to mid point of the opposing side. In other words, the radius of the smallest circle or sphere into which it will fit. circum-radius of equilateral trianle is side/sqrt(3) and inradius is side/(2*squr(3)).


Answer by  LohnJaw (122)

The circumradius of a triangle is the radius of a circle that passes through all the edges of the triangle. The inradius, however, is the radius of a circle that, when drawn, is tangential (that is, touches, but does not pass through) to all the sides of the triangle's inside.


Answer by  Hrykko (23)

The circum-radius of a triangle inradius is equilateral to one third of the aim line of the triangle. You get the center when you cross all three of them.

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