Question by  mattu65 (12)

What is normal 6 year old only child behavior?

My nephew has been coming over recently, and he acts a little strange around my kids. I think it may be because he is an only child.


Answer by  thumbstick (34)

In my experiences with younger children, the normal behavior is either very kind and sharing, or greedy and attention hungry. Many children who don't have siblings don't get a true sense of being around other people his age. So it may be hard for him because being around your children might throw him out of his element.


Answer by  TeacherSarah (34)

This is a very common problem when only children interact with others. This child is not used to sharing toys, attention, etc. , and now is in a new environment. One of two scenarios usually happen. Either they withdraw from the other children, or they become very possessive.

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