Question by  Pricilla (35)

What could cause extreme immature behavior in a child?

My child is seven years old and she acts as if she is four.


Answer by  JoeDoe (112)

Does your child choose to act like a four year old or can't do any better? In the latter case ask for professional assistance, in the first case question your way of dealing with the child and consider getting some advice how to improve yourself first.


Answer by  worker7448 (29)

Maybe because you spoil her, give in to her every whimper, these things could cause immature bahavior in a child. You should talk/converse to her straight and do not treat her like a baby. When you said no to her be firm and stand your ground, show her who's the boss.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Children generally behave as they are permitted to behave. Behavior is meant to get a response. Any response will do as it is a form of control. Try separate her from the group and give her time alone when she acts up. Do not participate or get wound up yourself.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

She could have a developmental delay. Talk to her pediatrician about your concerns. It could also occur if you baby her a lot. If you talk to her like a baby or treat her like one she will start to act that way.


Answer by  worker4358 (39)

Perhaps there is a chemical balance that may not be correct. Also some children act this way due to tumors in which has never been noticed before.

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