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Question by  nipples (7)

What is neural foraminal encroachment?

I was in an auto accident and was diagnosed with neural foraminal encroachment. Is this serious?


Answer by  Jebjow (44)

Neural foraminal encroachment is where the nerves coming off your spinal cord are blocked, usually from a bulging disk, and therefore are unable to send signals to the rest of your body. The symptoms you are experiencing will depend on where your injury is. Often times the only way to correct the problem is by having surgery.

posted by Anonymous
I have had two surgeries for this already and am still in alot of pain. Seeing Texas Back inst. this round.  add a comment

Answer by  AaronDavis (17)

Neural foraminal encroachment causes two holes on each side of the vertebrae that allow nerve roots to exit the spinal chord.

posted by Anonymous
causes two holes? Causes pressures on the nerve roots that exit out of the R and L foramina between all the vertebrae in your spine causing symptoms such as pain, decreased ROM, and raduculopathies is a better explanation. & Often Times therapies provided by Chiros & PT's correct problem. Tellyourinsurancecompany!  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

ive recently been diagnosed w/ this and have alot of pain. left leg numb. neck hurts, bad headaches and no one will listen.every disc in my neck is over the next bringing alot of pain. back pain excruciating w/ no help f/ doctors. very disapointing. im a joke because 35.

posted by Anonymous
For long term pain, pain doc has me on Fentynal patches and immediate release morphine sulfate. Works Great!  add a comment
posted by Anonymous
I feel your pain, I have L4-L5 mild encroaching to the thecal sac and neural foramina. Im 30, had my 3 rounds of epidural, and the docs around southeast texas are so test stingy and med greedy. Headed to Houston where there are real docs who care  add a comment

Answer by  Elle (648)

That depends on your symptoms if you have any. A foraminal encroachment means that something is present in the foramen causing pressure which can cause headaches.

posted by Anonymous
This might explain why I am having SO MANY headaches lately, and no one seems to have an idea why.. thank you elle!  add a comment

Answer by  Jan53 (91)

It is a compression of your spine by the surrounding of the canal. This can be bothersome to some people and you may not notice any problems at all.


Answer by  Anonymous

My son's x-rays showed bilateral neural foraminal encroachment 15 years ago. He was in constant pain. A doctor later said it was neuroblastoma, a form of cancer. No one really helped. He ended up committing suicide. Please find a really good neurologist if you have this condition!

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